Thinkering Studio Project Ideas

  • "The word technology comes from the Greek. It is comprised of two parts: "techne," meaning an art or skill, and "logia" meaning the systematic study of an idea (Oxford English Dictionary, 1989). Thus the word technology originally meant the systematic study of an art or skill." Shoffner, Jones, and Harmon



Augmented Reality (and QR Codes - see below)



  • Learn to make paper
  • Learn to make piƱatas
  • Learn to make soap
  • Learn to make ...
  • Start a business selling homemade ...
  • Resources

Create your own "channel" to share a passion


  • 3D
  • Paint, COREL Paint, etc.
  • iPad
  • Wacom Tablets

Game Design

Help A Teacher (no mundane projects allowed, think Epic!)

  • Create learning resources for classmates or younger students
  • Curate resources related to curricular topics


Internet Safety

  • Create a blog collecting and commenting on internet safety resources
  • Create a PSA on a particular aspect of internet safety
  • Start a campaign to educate and get classmates to stop cyberbullying
  • Combine with Internet Searching & Producing - NetSmart - use Howard Rheingold's book as a starting point for a student created media campaign (see Engage project page for more resources)

Internet Searching

  • Become a google genius - practice on school topics and your own areas of interest
  • Create a weekly Google/Bing challenge/brain teaser


Mini Maker Faire Projects

Build, Tweak/Hack, Share

Modern Language

  • Create a Pronunciation Portfolio
  • Create a set of flashcards and quizzes for a years worth of vocabulary and phrases or to review previous years' vocabulary
  • Gather resources (podcasts, flashcards, lessons, etc.) for the language you are already learning
  • Learn a new language


  • Audio Engineering
  • Create a Portfolio for an Instrument You Know
  • Learn a New Instrument
  • Make an instrument
  • Music Mixing - GaragaBand
  • Music Recording - GarageBand


  • Digital Photography
    • 3D
  • HDR (High Dynamic Range) Photography
  • Make your own iPhone or iPad microscope/camera - pdf & video
  • Photo Editing



  • Create and maintain an iTunes podcast channel on a topic that interests you
    • Posterous, iTunes, & GarageBand (or other recording/editing software)



  • Complete your R&E's using and of the technology tools mentioned on this page
  • Keep a reader's journal using a blog or wiki



  • Create a howto wiki or wiki page on a technology of interest to you
  • Tools:


Web Design


  • Create a poetry portfolio
  • Create a digital story
  • Make an informational wiki on a favorite topic
  • See blogging section above
  • Write a novel, play, nonfiction book
  • Join the Digital Writers Guild and create a writing portfolio