Adam Bordoley
5th Grade -- Wednesday, January 23
6th Grade -- Thursday, January 24

Write a short essay about where you fall in the rubric below. Make sure that you discuss your place in each category (Project Choices, Effort & Participation, etc). Use specific examples and complete sentences. Your essay should be about 15 sentences long.

Post essay here:
Thinkering Studio has been a required class during the first semester. Since I love technology, I was very excited to start the class. Although technology is a lot of fun, Thinkering was a challenge, because I had to use my imagination to come up with ideas to create projects using technology that I did not know how to use. In the beginning of the class, I spent all of my time doing my projects, and I was not able to finish my journal entries. For some reason, I did understand that I was supposed to do the journal entries before the next class, which would mean that I had to do them at home for homework. I got behind in my journal entries, but once I learned that the entries had to be finished, I got them done on time. Thinkering has been a fun class, I learned about technology, had opportunities to choose to work with others and I had time to explore.

For my projects, I fall between developing and master because I did really hard projects. The projects challenged me because I had to follow step by step directions by accessing and reading the help menu during my projects. One of the hard projects I did was a garage band song. In garage band, I had to make the music have some sound. It was a challenge because when I first started, there was no instrument in the file, I had to find one from the help menu. I read how to click insert, then instrument, it worked! The Minecraft project I did was even harder than the garage band because I was creating a mansion that took 5 days. The mansion was a lot of work because I had to create a floor plan for each level and each room and I had to create a landscaping plan for my garden. When it was finished, I had to check to make sure gaps were covered I would have been trapped.

My effort and participation falls between developing and master. Initially, I was distracted because I needed help and didn’t understand what I was supposed to do when I was creating my projects. If I need help, I learned how to get help from my classmates. I worked well with others in class, made comments on projects and helped others on their projects. Once I understood the projects, I achieved high goals through hard work and determination. I came to class prepared always was focused on my goals and the work I was during.
Sometimes, I completed my journal during class, but other times, I did not because I ran out of time. Once I learned that the entries had to be finished, I got them done on time. I have been developing my daily journal entries by completing the planning I needed for my projects. The Reflection part of my journal was always completed and showed that I was thinking through the project and made predictions about what could be done next. Throughout the class, I changed my habits when journaling so I could be successful in class and with the projects.

I am a master in the categories of Portfolio and technology use because I thoughtfully listed and updated my projects that I wanted to highlight. When using the technology, I used it for finding information, processing information, communicating information, and exploring while mastering a tool. In the end, I learned how to use different technology, how to make links, and how to copy and paste a variety of things including sound. Thinkering has been a fun class, I learned a lot about things that I am interested in.

Project Choices
  • Project involves following step by step directions from another source
  • Project is too easy for student

  • Chooses an authentic question, challenge, or task
  • Develops questions to answer focus question of project
  • Project challenges student
Effort & Participation
  • Lack of resources slows project
  • Student has trouble using time wisely or focusing on project
  • Continues working on the task even when difficulties arise or a solution was not immediately obvious
  • Sometimes distracts or gets distracted
  • Brings resources as needed
  • Works with others in class: comments on projects, offers help or expertise to other projects
  • Achieves high goals through hard work and determination
  • Comes to class prepared always
  • Extreme focus on goal and work
Daily Journal
  • Usually completes planning
  • Planning always completed and is detailed and focused on end goal of project
  • Planning completed, detailed, focused, and demonstrates an understanding of what can be done in a given amount of time
  • Usually completes reflection
  • Reflection is always completed and shows that student is thinking through the project and what can be done next time (this may mean revising project as needed)
  • Reflections completed and show that student is thinking through the project and his/her learning
  • Student changes habits that are keeping him/her from being successful in class or on the project
  • Posts files/links to most projects started/finished
  • Posts files/links to all projects started or finished
  • Posts links to all projects started/finished
  • Thoughtfully lists or updates projects they want to highlight
Technology Use
  • Exploring or mastering technology is the sole focus of the project
  • Technology is only used for finding OR communicating information
  • Technology is used for multiple uses that could include: finding information, processing information, communicating information, exploring/mastering a tool, etc.
*Rubric modified from Thinkering Studio, Jordy Whitmer