5th Grade -- Wednesday, January 23
6th Grade -- Thursday, January 24

Write a short essay about where you fall in the rubric below. Make sure that you discuss your place in each category (Project Choices, Effort & Participation, etc). Use specific examples and complete sentences. Your essay should be about 15 sentences long.

Post essay here:
I think that my project choice was a master. It was really hard to do my sims 3 project with the screenshots. It took me almost 3 hours to finish. Also I did 3 projects I think the hardest was the sims 3 project. Then the second hardest was the pet project we also had to go to the pet store and we had to film and edit. Then the puppy chow. That one wasnt as hard as the others. I think that my effort was developing. Mainly I got distracted the most. I would keep working on it to finish the project. We also brought resources like the flip cam to film. I think that my daily journal was Developing. In the beginning of the first quartar I did it and in the middle I forgot a few times. Also my computer wasnt working when I tried to edit the days I missed. This happened for my reflection and plan. I think for my portfolio I would be master because I usually edit it regularly. I also usually follow the directions when she says to update it. My portfolio has all the links to my projects. And to the final reflection. I think for my technology use I did a master. For the three different projects I did different things. One I did a video another I did screenshots and the last one I just did it on the page.

This is how I think that I did in thinkering.

Project Choices
  • Project involves following step by step directions from another source
  • Project is too easy for student

  • Chooses an authentic question, challenge, or task
  • Develops questions to answer focus question of project
  • Project challenges student
Effort & Participation
  • Lack of resources slows project
  • Student has trouble using time wisely or focusing on project
  • Continues working on the task even when difficulties arise or a solution was not immediately obvious
  • Sometimes distracts or gets distracted
  • Brings resources as needed
  • Works with others in class: comments on projects, offers help or expertise to other projects
  • Achieves high goals through hard work and determination
  • Comes to class prepared always
  • Extreme focus on goal and work
Daily Journal
  • Usually completes planning
  • Planning always completed and is detailed and focused on end goal of project
  • Planning completed, detailed, focused, and demonstrates an understanding of what can be done in a given amount of time
  • Usually completes reflection
  • Reflection is always completed and shows that student is thinking through the project and what can be done next time (this may mean revising project as needed)
  • Reflections completed and show that student is thinking through the project and his/her learning
  • Student changes habits that are keeping him/her from being successful in class or on the project
  • Posts files/links to most projects started/finished
  • Posts files/links to all projects started or finished
  • Posts links to all projects started/finished
  • Thoughtfully lists or updates projects they want to highlight
Technology Use
  • Exploring or mastering technology is the sole focus of the project
  • Technology is only used for finding OR communicating information
  • Technology is used for multiple uses that could include: finding information, processing information, communicating information, exploring/mastering a tool, etc.
*Rubric modified from Thinkering Studio, Jordy Whitmer