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are gamestar
video 1//

final game


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final videos

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Project Proposal

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We would like to use minecraft to compare buildings. I have never trien minecraft, and neither has Aidan, so it would be new expeirence.
What do you hope to accomplish? What do you hope to learn?
Make buildings to compare.We hope to learn arcitecture and learn how to play and explore on minecraft, and compare to see the differences and get ideas.
How is this project similar to other things that you have done or experienced?
Gamestar Mechanic.
In what ways will this project be a challenge for you?
We have to find out how to use minecraft and make gianyt buildins.
What supplies or resources do you expect to need?
A copmputer.

Time Frame: Hope to be done by End of class on May 29.

Project Notes

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Project Reflection

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