Title of Project

Your First Name

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Project Showcase

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Project Proposal

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WcWa-4rtUu4 -Part 1
http://youtu.be/agpSpt5cTwc - Part 2

Describe in detail the project you would like to work on.
The project we are going to work on is a stop motion video.

What do you hope to accomplish? What do you hope to learn?
We have seen a few of the videos and are going to try and incorporate them into our videos

How is this project similar to other things that you have done or experienced?
We are going to use iMovie hopefully and obviously we have great experience with that after our sucess with the movie trailer.

In what ways will this project be a challenge for you?
Drew is really good with cool videos but Adam and Carson need some more training and such

What supplies or resources do you expect to need?
Just a MacBook because we need to film and get the things off line

Project Notes

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Project Reflection

Describe in detail the course that this project took.
This project took a lot of patience! Our laptop was out for a few days so it was hard!

What were the high points of this project? What did you learn and/or accomplish?
High points would have to be today! We finished and school is almost out!

What were the low points of this project? What do you wish had happened differently?
Low would be for Carson lying on the ground as a worm, Adam jumping so many times, and Drew editing EVERYTHING

If you could redo this project, how would you do it the same or differently?
THe same. I wouldn't change a thing. Everything was great!